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Executive Hits Productions was founded in the winter of 1992 by aspiring artist and producer’s Jeff Roberson and Reuben Perry III who’s motto became “Platinum Hits from Executive Minds” The goal was to develop an outlet in which they could produce their own music as well as other aspiring artist to such a level that it would be competitive with current music industry standards. The first move was to set up their own production studio which was done on equipment pieced together between the two and eventually through bank loans to get the latest gear for the best sound. Once this was established EHP was ready to move forward into the production business.

The first project scheduled was a four man singing group called Smooth Approach (Jeff was the founding member of the group) who at the time was experiencing local success in Cleveland, OH doing live shows around the area. In late 1994 EHP released its first project Smooth Approach self titled album on 500 CD’s and 500 cassettes and with the help of local radio station WZAK 93.1 fm the company sold out of every copy the lead single “Never Enough” played on local and regional radio for over 2 years. In 1995 Reuben left the company for family reasons and Jeff’s older brother Dennis Cash took over an executive role with the company tying his management company Starmakers in and providing experience and knowledge that would lead to much success. Smooth Approach had a brief opportunity with Motown records in 1996 that didn’t pan out due to company problems and also signed briefly with S.O.S/RCA records in 1998 out of Chicago, IL. Smooth Approach opted out of the deal due to creative differences. In 1999 EHP released a second album on Smooth Approach entitled “You Got It”.

Still supported by regional radio EHP reached a national distribution agreement with Trans World international as well as leasing deals with Company’s in London and Japan. After a ten year run Smooth Approach would split up over creative differences, but from 1995-2003 EHP would release 6 projects on them including a full length movie with much success. After his singing career Jeff would concentrate more on development and production, signing several artist’s to production deals and eventually finding one that was worth taking to the next level. DEEP3.

In 2005 EHP developed Deep3 and released their first CD “Total Shock” in March of 2006. The success of the album led to a Leasing deal with Black Music Fan in Japan. Deep 3 has released 3 additional albums “The Sway” 07, Almost Famous 08 and Blueprint 2 love 2010. Currently EHP is in it’s 18th year of operations and is still striving to take the company to new heights, seeking ventures that will allow them to continue to create “Platinum Hits from Platinum Minds”


Jeff “Tight” Roberson – CEO, Production, Development

Dennis “Cash” Roberson – CEO Management

Jay Waller – Director of A&R

Jeff “Mad Mann” Melton – Head Studio Engineer

Paula Ireland – Director of Marketing

Tonita Dorroh – Image consultant

EHP RELEASES: Smooth Approach (1995); Never Enough Single (1996); Race 2 Vote NAACP Single (1998); You Got it (1999); Push’em Up Single(1999);Tribe 2G Jams (2000); Tell me Why Single (2001); Fallin (2002); One Kiss (2003); Smooth Approach Sensual Collection (2004); Cash Greatest Hits (2004); Go Deep Single (2005); Total Shock (2006); The Sway (2007) Almost Famous(2008) CCOAL(concerned citizens organized against lead)(2009) Londyn EP(2009), Blue Print 2 Love(2010)

RELEASES WITH OTHER LABELS: Everybody on The Floor (Stone Groove Records 99) Downsize(Ratti Records 00) Break Dat Back & Make U Wanna(Coro Records/Select-O-Hits 03) Fallin (Crooked River Grooves Records 04)Total Shock(Black Music Fan/Japan 07) The Sway(Genre/Universal 07)

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